List of MS Access Shortcut Keys For Windows & macOS

This article is about MS Access Shortcut Keys. MS Access is one of the most important and widely used applications found on the computer. A database is a collection of logically related and similar data. The database stores a similar kind of data for a specific purpose that is organized in such a manner that any information can be retrieved from it when needed, Microsoft Access is an application that always creates the database. Microsoft Access is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS).

It was first released in 1991 as Access 1.0 and has been the most commonly used database for small businesses and personal use since then. It is commonly used for storing and managing data for small business applications such as sales and inventory, or for personal use such as a simple address book.

MS Access Shortcut Keys

MS Access Shortcut keys are a great way to speed up your workflow without investing a lot of time and energy. The most commonly used shortcut keys in MS Access are Ctrl + S (save), Ctrl + O (open), and Alt + F4 (close window/application. However, many more shortcut keys can make your life easier. For example, Ctrl + Z (undo) and Ctrl + C (copy), save you time and make it possible to perform multiple actions at once.

List of MS Access Shortcut Keys | MS Access Shortcut Keys PDF

Shortcut KeysFunctions
Ctrl + NCreate a new Database
Ctrl + OOpen an existing Database
Alt + NCreate a new Database object
Alt + OOpen Database object
Ctrl + PPrint the current or selected database object
Ctrl + CCopy the selected object
Ctrl + XCut the selected object
Ctrl + VPaste the cut / Copied object
DeleteDelete an object

Working with Tables

Shortcut KeysFunctions
Ctrl + Plus sign (+)Add new record
Ctr + Semicolon (;)Insert the current data
Ctrl + Shift +Colon(:)Insert the current time
Ctrl + Alt + SpacebarInsert the default value for a field
Ctrl + Apostrophe(‘)Insert the value from the same field as the previous record
Ctrl + ASelect all records
Ctrl + Minus sign (-)Delete the current record
EscUndo changes made to the current field/record
TabNext field
Shift + TabPrevious field
Page DownNext screen
Page UpPrevious screen
Ctrl + Up arrowFirst record
Ctrl + Down arrowLast record
Down arrowNext record
Up arrowPrevious record

Design View

Shortcut KeysFunctions
Alt + DOpen a Database object in the design view
Alt + EnterDisplay a property sheet in the design view
Alt + V + POpen the property sheet for the selected object in the design view

Common Tasks

Shortcut KeysFunctions
Ctrl + BBold letters
Ctrl + IItalicise letters
Ctrl + UUnderline letters
Ctrl + FFind text
Ctrl + HReplace text
Ctrl + ASelect All
Ctrl + YRedo Last Action
Ctrl + ZUndo Last Action
Ctrl + WClose the active window
Ctrl + Shift + ASort selected data in ascending order
Ctrl + Shift + ZSort selected dates in descending order
F7Check to spell

Download MS Access Shortcut Keys PDF

Click on the download button to download the MS Access Shortcut Keys List in a PDF format. If you want to know more advanced shortcut keys for the computer, then write a comment below.

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