List of Computer Shortcut Keys PDF For Windows & macOS [PDF Available]

Computer Shortcut Keys: In today’s world, we all live a busy life, one minute is very valuable for all of us, and we all don’t like to waste time, and we all prefer to work on a computer faster. As software developers, we spend a meaningful amount of time working on computers. To work with the computer faster, we should comprehend that the true potential of the computer lies in mastering the computer shortcut keys.

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Why Do We Need to Learn Computer Shortcut Keys?

Computers have been designed to help people, and it’s a powerful tools that enable us to manipulate information or data according to a set of instructions. Computer keyboard shortcuts are amalgamations of two or more keys that perform a specific action on your computer.

We can’t work with the computer quickly without knowing the computer Shortcut Keys. By using keyboard shortcut keys, as software developers we can save valuable time, reduce mouse dependency, and increase overall productivity. Knowing the accurate computer shortcut keys will help us in writing code, designing UI, managing databases, making presentations, office management, and so on. Let’s take a look at the computer shortcut keys below.

General Computer Shortcut Keys

Here is the complete list of Computer General and Advanced Shortcut Keys For Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. You can download this list of Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys in PDF using the download button which is given below.

Shortcut KeysFunctions
Windows logo keyOpen or close the Start menu.
Win key + AOpen the action center.
Win + RRun a command.
Win + COpen Cortana.
Win + EOpen File Explorer (Quick Action).
Win + BHighlight the notification area.
Win + HOpen the share charm.
Win + IOpen the setting app.
Win + LLock the desktop and go to the lock screen.
Win + MSwitch to the desktop and minimize all open windows.
Win + OLock the orientation.
Win + POpen the project pane.
in + TCycle through the apps on the taskbar.
Win + ULunch at the Ease of Access center.
Win + VCycle through notifications.
Win + XOpen the advanced menu.
Win + GCycle through the sidebar and gadget.
CTRL + CCopy the selected item.
CTRL + XCut the selected item.
CTRL + VPaste the selected item.
CTRL + XUndo an action.
Win + TAPOpen the task view.
Win + EnterOpen the narrator.
F5Refresh the active window.
F2Rename the selected item.
F3Search for a file or folder.
Win + Plus signZoom In.
Win + Minus signZoom Out.
DELETE KeyDelete the selected item and move it to the recycle bin.
SHIFT + DELETEDelete the selected item without moving it to the recycle bin.
CTRL + Right ArrowMove the cursor to the beginning of the next word.
CTRL + Left ArrowMove the cursor to the beginning of the Previous word.
CTRL + Down ArrowMove the cursor to the beginning of the next paragraph.
CTRL + Up ArrowMove the cursor to the beginning of the previous paragraph.
SHIFT + Any Arrow keySelect more than one item in a window or on the desktop, or select text within a document.
CTRL + ASelect all items in a document or window.

Advanced Computer Shortcut Keys

Shortcut KeysFunctions
Win + SpacebarSwitch input language and keyboard layout.
Win + BREAKDisplay the system properties dialog box.
Win + DDisplay the desktop.
Win + SHIFT + MRestore minimized windows to the desktop.
CTRL + Win + FSearch for a computer.
ALT + ENTERDisplay properties for the selected item.
ALT + F4Close the active item.
ALT + SPACEBAROpen the shortcut menu for the active window.
CTRL + F4Close the active document.
ALT + TABSwitch between open items.
CTRL + ALT + TABUse the arrow keys to switch between open items.
Win + ESCAPEClose Magnifier.
Win + Left ArrowDock the active window to the left half of the monitor.
Win + Right ArrowDock the active window to the right half of the monitor.
Win + Up ArrowMaximize the active window vertically and horizontally.
Win + Down ArrowRestore or minimize the active window.
Win + SHIFT + Left ArrowWith multiple monitors, move the active window to the monitor on the left.
Win +PRNT SCRNTake a picture of the screen and place it in the Computer>Pictures>Screenshots folder.
Win + CTRL + LEFT/RIGHT ArrowSwitch to the next or previous virtual desktop.
Win + CTRL + DCreate a new virtual desktop.
Win + CTRL + F4Close the current virtual desktop.
Win +?Launch the Windows Feedback App.
Win + SHIFT + RIGHT ARROWWith multiple monitors, move the active window to the monitor on the right.
Win + HOMEMinimize all nonactive windows; restore on the second keystroke.
Win + SHIFT + DOWN ARROWRestore or minimize the active window vertically, maintaining the current width.
Win + SHIFT + UP ARROWMaximize the active window vertically, maintaining the current width.
Alt + F4 (Function key F4)Shut down or restart Windows.
Ctrl + InsCopy the selected item.
Shift + DelCut selected item.
CTRL + ALT + DELRestart the computer.
CTRL + ESCDisplay the start menu.

Shortcut Keys For Microsoft Office

Ms OfficeShortcut Keys
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Shortcuts Keys For Software Development Tools

ToolsShortcut Keys
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Computer Shortcut Keys PDF Download

Click on the download button to download the Computer Shortcut Keys List in a PDF format. If you want to know more advanced shortcut keys of computers, then write a comment below.

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